EBooks, checklists, workbooks and reports all have their place in an effective sales funnel.

But one of the best ways of putting your sales funnel on steroids is to make it an automated webinar funnel.

I’m sure you have come across these types of funnels before!

It’s a pre-recorded video presentation, which can be watched “on demand” at a time to suit the viewer.

You can be transparent and tell your audience that it’s pre-recorded, instead of trying to make it look “live”. Sometimes, I have made the time to join what I thought was a live webinar only to realise that it was a pre-recorded one, masquerading as live.

As long as you make it clear that the information in the webinar will help your audience in very tangible ways and it’s not just fluff, they will make time to watch it.

Webinars are the most powerful sales funnels because, if done right, they capture the audience’s attention for a specific period of time with video and slides, and they can be very engaging. It is possible to take your viewers on a journey from “interested” to buyer in one hour.

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