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Create An Automated Webinar Funnel That Attracts
Your Ideal Clients

Do You Want To Sell More High Value Services & Programs Online?

You created your business because you want to help people: your services and programs transform lives.

However, marketing your services and online courses takes a lot of time! 

Are you wasting hours on free strategy calls, talking to people who get excited but then turn around and say “I can’t afford it”?

What if you could set up an automated process to teach people about what you do AND give them an idea of your prices, BEFORE you hop on a call with them?

This would save hours of your time… because you have prequalified them and know that they are more likely to afford what you have to offer. 

If you have an online course, do you have an automated method of selling that course? Or are you posting endlessly on social media, with a trickle of sales? 

What if you could wake up to an inbox full of sales notifications which have come in overnight?

What you need is an Automated Webinar Funnel that sells your services and programs… even in the middle of the night. 

Not convinced? Take a look at the top online entrepreneurs such as Amy Porterfield, Bob Proctor and Sam Ovens. They all have Automated Webinar Funnels which earn them millions of dollars per year… on autopilot. 

My name is Lisa Suling-Maslin and I love helping people build successful businesses online. I have over 15 years experience in Digital Marketing.

Most of my clients are business coaches, consultants, public speakers and authors.

Before I started my business, I graduated with a Degree in Business Administration and worked in the corporate world for 11 years.

I am passionate about technology, digital marketing, health, fitness, spirituality and self development.

As an online business owner, I can help you market and grow your business on the internet.

These days, you need more than just a website listing your services.

What you need is an Automated Sales Funnel to attract, engage and sign up your ideal clients, saving you hours of time per week and increasing your revenue.

One of the most effective and powerful sales funnels is the Automated Webinar Funnel.

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Here’s How It Works

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We’ll talk about the goals you have for your business and how a Webinar Funnel will help you achieve them.


Automated Webinar Funnel Creation

In close consultation with you, I will create an Automated Webinar Funnel which sells for you on autopilot.



Grow Your Business

Sit back as the sales notifications start coming in.

I can also help you tweak and optimise your Webinar Funnel to get the best results, as well as help you get your funnel in front of your ideal clients.


Lisa is an expert when it comes to digital marketing and technology. She is my technical and marketing mentor.

I have been working with her on lots of different aspects of my online business. She has helped me set up a sales funnel on my website to build my email list and attract clients.

Lisa’s vast skills and technical expertise are invaluable in increasing my income.

When you’re running a business it’s so important to keep things simple and not over complicate things.

Lisa does this for me by streamlining processes wherever she can.

Professional, reliable, creative and generous with her extensive knowledge, it’s a relief to know that she is there to support me in expanding my business on the internet.

Lisa is an incredibly valuable asset to any business looking to grow.

Linda Philip

Independent Mental Health Care Professional, lindaphilip.com.au

I have loved every minute working with Lisa. She is a true professional, very committed to completing projects to the highest quality and works with you as part of a team.

She exceeded my expectations. When I saw my website I thought, “Wow, wow, wow!”

My former website was like a dog’s breakfast. It did not represent my business and I used to be very reluctant to let potential clients see it.

Now I have an internet presence that I’m proud of. The design, colours, branding, copywriting and new logo are beyond anything I have seen in my field.

Lisa is just incredible in her craft.

She also developed a sales funnel on my website, which has increased my client base.

I have already asked her to help me with further projects including a marketing video and new YouTube channel with stunning results.

My experience has been wonderful.

Suzana Mihajlovic

Proctor Gallagher Consultant, your2minds.com

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